Sophie Brett, NLP Breakthrough Coach

I am a qualified NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapist™ based in Aston, Stevenage, Hertfordshire and trained at NLP World.

I knew a bit about NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and hypnosis before I trained in the field and that was an advantage. Some people really struggle with just how quickly you can achieve a profound and lasting change in behavior. They think you have to wallow in all the problems and revisit all those painful memories over months and years before you can do anything positive. I already knew NLP could produce spectacular results instantly. How?

After university, my first career was in industry. I was a commercial executive, I was particularly interested in new business, writing and negotiating contracts, running major procurement initiatives and commercial departments for a blue chip company. Then my health blew up!

I then did ME for 8 years. I had to give up a job I loved and move back to my parents, I just couldn’t cope on my own. I was sleeping 14 hours a day and maybe left the house for a couple of hours once or twice a week. I was permanently exhausted and achy and could only walk for about 15 minutes. I’d tried NHS programmes, yoga and meditation, massage, diet, structured activity and rest. If some one had suggested it, I tried it. I was getting desperate.

Then I suddenly came across a programme which was heavily based on NLP and hypnosis. I’d heard they were getting results and I was really ready for change. I worked with them for a total of 6 hours over 3 days. I noticed the first changes almost immediately and to be honest I was afraid to believe they were real. It was terrifying to get my hopes up. I didn’t want to tell anyone in case speaking out loud burst the bubble. But the changes not only stayed they expanded out into other areas of my health! Literally two days later I’d taken a flight to Florida, I was up before sunrise and did a 4 mile walk along the beach. The week before I couldn’t have made it around a supermarket!

After that I just enjoyed being out in the world again! Then, after a few months, I started to get curious about how this amazing change had happened and I came back to NLP. In the past I had only come across it in education and sales and didn’t realize how flexible and powerful it could be. I went on a training to find out how it all worked and came out committed to a new and deeply satisfying career. Every bit of the ongoing training, study, reading has been an amazing adventure. Since I’ve started to use these tools on myself I’ve never been more sure of my direction nor enjoyed life so much.

Clients often comment on the calm and pleasant surroundings at Ginger Natural Health, in St Albans. In addition to working in St Albans, I practice in Aston (Stevenage) and in Hertford. I have gained experience from working with a variety of clients and have dealt with issues ranging from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/Myalgic Encephalitis (ME), weight loss, phobias, anxiety and stress, overwhelming emotions such as anger or fear, as well as Performance Coaching for careers, health and fitness, and relationships.

I’m interested in NLP because it gets results. There are many ways out there to feel better for a while but if you really want get out of the situation you are in and get somewhere better, then NLP combined with other coaching techniques can help you change your world very, very quickly.

It’s also important to me that the client knows they have participated in the whole process and have caused their own success. It’s an incredibly empowering experience and can only add to confidence and feelings of success as they move forward. I love the surprise on a client’s face when they suddenly realize that they are looking forward to their driving test or feeling calm about getting on a plane.

What it’s about for me is working with people to help them get really clear about what they want, showing them the path to get there and guiding them to walk it. I want clients who are absolutely delighted with the work we’ve done and know we did exactly what was needed to help them reach their goal.