Coaching in Education

An Organisation Healthcheck -

Pressures on the leadership team these days are immense.  They are Managers, with far ranging and high pressure responsibilities.  Having come from the business world I am amazed that so much is achieved with so little support and training.

At Straight Thinking we ask:

  1. What are the skills and tools that will support them in their individual roles and on going personal development?
  2. What's needed to enable them to work as a sucessful leadership team towards clearly identified, shared goals?

Then we work with you on how to best deliver that into your school.

How to Coach: an interactive training in how to coach (yourself and others)

Coaching gets you clarity on where you want to be and how to get there.  By asking some key questions life is suddenly easier, as you can put your energies into what is really important and what is going to get results.  Coaching really does focus your attention. It identifies potential obstacles and stumbling blocks ahead of time, so you talk though them or work around them.

It also holds you to a higher standard than you would hold yourself.  What do I mean by that?  People get fit with a personal trainer because it's much harder to fail to turn up when you have made a commitment to do so!  Once you are there it's harder to just go through the motions when your 'efforts' are reflected back by someone else.  Of course we could do the same without the coach but, perhaps, less of us do.

Coaching Network.  You can increase the benefits from this training by setting up a coaching network, with our support. This will help bed in new thinking and habits, creating a 'virtuous cycle' of improvements.

1:2:1 Coaching

Senior leadership staff may benefit from a more structured and personalised coaching programme to bring out their full potential.

Individuals who have identified stumbling blocks, such as persistant limiting beliefs, may prefer to work with an experienced change coach to 'rewrite' their programming to open up new possibilities.