Learn to Learn Teacher Workshop

Why is understanding different learning styles so important? Fail to speak to someone in their own language and you'll soon see!  Teachers know that a well planned lesson includes visual, auditory and kinaesthetic elements, this idea came from the NLP model of communication. However, if we go back to the model and get behind this idea, NLP will show us far more flexible ways of achieving great results.

In just 2/3 hours you'll be able to:

  • Understand the deeper signifiance of learning styles.
  • Have the tools to identify an individual’s learning style through conversation and observation.
  • See how to use language to address four learning styles.
  • Identify your teaching/communication style.

Educators have benefited from workshops on Communication and Learn to Learn Learning Styles.

Local Education - Fair field School, Hertfordshire

"Our aim was to develop a deeper learning culture. I wanted staff to fully understand the landscape of learning so we used our recent inset day to run the Straight Thinking “Learning Styles Workshop”. All the staff came away with an acute awareness of the fundamental processes of how people learn and the effectiveness of this has been self evident in all aspects of their work with children. What was unexpected, and incredibly powerful, was the impact of NLP on the internal communication within our organisation. Staff communicate more effectively, taking into account each other’s preferred learning styles. I wish we had done this sooner."